From Teen to Adult Acne

What to expect:

Acne PureLight Therapy treats a wide range of acne conditions for a clear, more even complexion.

How it works:

PureLight targets bacteria without thermally affecting the surrounding tissues. PureLight is both natural and non-invasive. Sebaceous glands return to their natural state without being thermally altered. PureLight relies on the interaction of the "violet" light with the acne bacteria. This interaction generates singlet oxygen, which attacks and kills the bacteria responsible for acne.

$60.00-90.00 per treatment depending on the severity of the problem being treated - Recommended in a series of 6-12 treatments weekly for best results. For Fast Results, Purelight can be done 1-3 times per week.

*The number of treatments varies depending on each individual.


Spa Teen Facials

SpaTeen Facial 45 minutes $60

Maintain a clear, healthy complexion with innovative spa teen treatments with boosted results!

SpaTeen Papaya HydraSoothe Treatment

It’s all about you! This is your time to repair and restore and nothing else matters. Enjoy an exfoliating cleansing that removes dirt and oil build-up from your daily active lifestyle. A unique cleansing enzyme peel gently eliminates dead cells, blackheads, and clogging deep down within the pores. Your face is then treated to a replenishing papaya mask with a natural blend of desensitizing and soothing ingredients. An ideal post-sun exposure and post-sports treatment for a visibly repaired complexion. Recommended for: All Skin Types.

SpaTeen Blemished Skin Treatment

Close your eyes and envision clear skin as dynamic exfoliators gently polish away dirt and bacteria. Next, a powerful enzyme peel removes even the most stubborn clogging, blackheads, and dead cells. Experience deep cleansing like never before as your therapist rids your skin of every impurity. As a final touch, a highly antiseptic mask delivers healing and soothing benefits to your skin. The end result…acne control and prevention for a clear, brighter complexion. 

Recommended for: Blemished Skin and Blemished-Prone Skin.

When I met Laura, my skin was in need of a lot of help. I had been on an acne product for many years and one day it seemed it wasn’t working for me anymore. I had a lot of pimples, inflammation and flakiness.

Laura was very supportive and coached me as to the proper skin care techniques especially for me and my skin type. I was hesitant at first because any time in the past when I had tried to switch skin care lines, my face erupted.

Laura assured me that if I listened to her and followed certain steps, I would be okay. So I forged ahead and I am so happy to report fabulous results!

My skin care regime consisted of regular peels, which left my skin glowing! During my treatments, Laura also used BBL light therapy to target my current flare ups as well as any bacteria that may have led to further break outs. Simultaneously, I started the acne/problemic Pevonia skin care line, which I now love!
I have suffered from the embarrassing pimples and have wanted to hide a lot under make up or just stay at home until my spots went away. Now I don’t have to because my skin glows and looks very healthy.
I would recommend any type of treatment Laura sees fit for your skin type. She is an expert skin care specialist and the condition of my skin is evidence of that.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart Laura!
— Nicole Kennedy