Advanced Skin Analysis


The Advanced Skin Analysis is a one hour service using the “Pastiche Method” sets new standards in skin type and condition analysis, developed by Florence Barrett-Hill.  The primary objective of this service is to establish cause and its effect on skin cells and systems. Upon establishing cause we can then put together a personalized treatment program that will make a difference.

What you will achieve from this invaluable service:

A one hour skin analysis with a qualified therapist using the Pastiche Methodology of skin analysis.

During this hour we will gather all data pertaining to your work play lifestyle, nutritional, medical and cosmetic history.

An accurate and detailed analysis of your skin using the Pastiche Method and by using modern skin diagnostic equipment that measures the four aspects of the epidermis: hydration, lipid (oil levels), melanin and erythema levels.

Establish cause of your skin concern and relate that cause to the cells and systems that have been affected.

Establish basic majority skin type, the Fitzpatrick skin tone of your skin and prepare a 6 week treatment program to improve the skin.

Upon booking an appointment for the skin analysis and consultation we will provide to you the protocol of instructions that must be adhered to.

60 minutes - $75.00

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